This Group has been formed to work in close partnership with New Milton Town Council and the New Forest Land Advisory Council to develop an environmental management plan for the future of Long Meadow. The Group is seeking to involve the whole community, to ensure the Meadow remains as a natural open space which we can all enjoy and value.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Public Consultation Meeting at Sea Scout Hut, Long Meadow VERY SOON led by the Environment Agency.

To discuss and answer any questions raised regarding the proposal by the Environment Agency to meander the Becton Bunny stream flowing through the Long Meadow.  If you want to know what is happening please attend as it is important for all residents and users of the Long Meadow to be aware of the possible changes proposed that are imminent.

Stream Restoration in Long Meadow, Barton on Sea

Article featured in the "Focus" July 2013

Fears of flooding and erosion were raised as plans to restore the historic watercourse through Barton were unveiled.  In a presentation to the Town Council's Amenities Committee, Environment Agency officers explained how they intend to restore Becton Bunny.  The stream which flows into the sea near Barton Golf Course has apparently failed to meet required standards.  One of the criticisms is that, at its Long Meadow point, the channel is too straight and the banks too steep.  Measures which could be taken to bring it up to standard include meandering its course to slow the flow at intervals, adding vegetation and making it more habitable for wildlife.  The Long Meadow area of the Bunny also supports a limited number of invertebrates and types of vegetation .  To help encourage greater biodiversity, deeper, calmer areas of water are needed on the outside edges and shallower faster flowing areas.  However, there is concern that meandering the stream and removing concrete bank supports could result in Long Meadow being flooded along with homes in Mitchell Close.  But it was argued that widening the channel through the Meadow would reduce that risk.  It was emphasised at the meeting that no work would be carried out until extensive checks are made to ensure no flooding would be created.  Cost would be in tens of thousands of pounds.  Whilst opinion was that the matter should be left in the hands of the "experts", Councillor Beck made a proposal backed by the committee that a detailed professional appraisal should be carried out as well as a public consultation.

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