This Group has been formed to work in close partnership with New Milton Town Council and the New Forest Land Advisory Council to develop an environmental management plan for the future of Long Meadow. The Group is seeking to involve the whole community, to ensure the Meadow remains as a natural open space which we can all enjoy and value.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The first conservation day was held recently at Long Meadow, Barton on Sea by volunteers from the Long Meadow Community Group working under the guidance of Ms Angela Peters and in partnership with the New Milton Town Council.  Pathways were cleared in woodland on the northern side to make it safer and more accessible for local residents to enjoy.  Further plans include less regular cutting in certain areas of the Long Meadow to monitor resulting wildflower and insect activity with the long term aim of ensuring maximum diversity.  Volunteers will be trained to assess the impact of the change to establish how effective it is.  Detailed information on future events will be available on this website.

Published in New Milton Advertiser on Saturday 9 March 2013

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