This Group has been formed to work in close partnership with New Milton Town Council and the New Forest Land Advisory Council to develop an environmental management plan for the future of Long Meadow. The Group is seeking to involve the whole community, to ensure the Meadow remains as a natural open space which we can all enjoy and value.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Welcome to the virtual home of Barton-on-Sea's Long Meadow

We would like to welcome all visitors to the new virtual home of the Long Meadow.

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  1. Who is responsible for cutting back the foliage that has over grown along the inside of the river banks on Long Meadow? On May 11th, the stream on Long Meadow burst it's banks flooding not only a large portion of the Meadow, but also the gardens, garages, sheds and green houses in parts of Dilly Lane. The cause of this flooding is highly likely to be due to the extremely high level of foliage that has grown inside the river banks. In some parts it is so thick, you cannot even see the water. Please can urgent action be taken to cut back this foliage, as well as ensuring that it is cut back on a regular basis, to avoid a repeat of this incident. We have seen much higher levels of rainfall during the winter months, but the stream has not burst its banks as the amount of foliage has been almost non existent, due to it dying back in the winter. It is clear to all concerned that the reason the stream burst its banks is because the foliage is too dense which caused a damming effect.